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June Cocktail: French 75

A new version of the June Cocktail puzzle has been posted. It includes instructions for the twist and some information about solving for the final answer. If the first version proved too difficult for you, or you need a nudge to get you to the final answer, take a look. This means that the time period to get on the No Help Leaderboard is over, but you will still get your name on the list of solvers when you submit the correct answer before the solution is posted in several weeks.

If you would like access to the puzzle and have not joined, sign up at my Patreon page. You can find the harder version there as well if you would like to try to solve that instead.

The entire year of puzzles has a hidden final answer which will likely not be found until late in the year. If you do find it, there's a link under the current puzzle submission on the right side of the page that will let you enter the answer. You get only one chance to enter the answer for the year, so guess wisely.

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My name is Martin Reinfried, and in some circles, I am known as Negroni. I have been writing puzzles for a long time, both for work and for fun, and I have always been enamored of cryptic crosswords, especially variety cryptics. I have written several variety cryptics, some for fun, some appearing in the MIT Mystery Hunt, and some published in the National Puzzlers League's Enigma magazine. Most of the variety cryptics I have written can be accessed at I am a software engineer, and I have been a co-founder of a couple of companies, including Shinteki, where I wrote a mobile app to run puzzle-based events. I live in Telluride, CO with my wife Dennise and son Max, and I look forward to providing you with a steady stream of variety cryptic puzzles.